e2 visa process

Your Step-by-Step Guide to the E2 Visa

We make things as simple as possible.  All of our work can be handled online, and we use WhatsApp and Zoom to meet with you every two weeks from the day you hire us until the interview.  Read on to discover the E2 Visa process, step by step. 

1. Pick a business you want to buy or start.

Any business in any state will work for immigration purposes.  However, you want a business that makes you excited about going to work.  After all, running this business will be your career for years to come.   

TIME FRAME:  Varies, depends only on you

2. Identify your source of funds.

As mentioned, the E2 visa requires a "substantial investment."  There is no minimum amount, but it's wise to invest at least $100,000 before the E2 visa interview.  With that in mind, it's crucial to identify how you will get the money to invest in the business.  Remember that an inheritance or a gift from friends or family will work as a valid source of funds. 

TIME FRAME: Varies, depends  only on you

3. Call us.

We work with E2 Investors all day every day.  In fact, it's all we do.  Give us a call with your business idea, and we can help you with the rest. Although our only job is immigration, we have wonderful referrals for you if you need assistance with a business purchase, due diligence, corporate formation or anything else regarding the legal, accounting or employment side of the business. 

TIME FRAME: Immediate

4. Gather documents.

Once we start working together, we'll send a checklist of documents you'll need to gather for the E2 visa application.  We set up online files where you will put the documents as you receive them. 

TIME FRAME: Varies, but typically 8-12 weeks

5. Talk it out.

We will schedule calls at regular intervals with you to go over all of the details of your case and the documents. During these calls, you will ask questions, share concerns, and get information. We're with you every step of the way and always here to answer questions. 

TIME FRAME: Simultaneous with the "gather documents" step

6. Organize and send application.

Once you have all of the documents, we'll take over.  We organize your documents and submit the application to the US consulate in your home country.  

TIME FRAME: 7-10 business days

7. Prepare for interview.

Once the consulate has your documents, it's time to prepare for the interview.  We will go over likely and/or common questions and even perform a mock interview, if needed, so you are well prepared. 

TIME FRAME: Varies consulate-to-consulate, but typically 2-6 weeks

8. Interview.

You will attend an interview at the US consulate or embassy in your home country.  The consular officer will ask about the business and your plans for the business. In almost every case, you will know if you are approved before you leave the interview. 

TIME FRAME: 10-15 minutes

9. Wait for your visa.

If you are approved, the officer will take your passport and affix an E2 visa in your passport. You will receive your passport and E2 visa in the mail. 

TIME FRAME: 5-7 business days

10. Come to the US and run your business!

Once you receive the passport, you can come to the US and start working. 

TIME FRAME: As soon as you can get to the airport!